Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wallpaper Slideshow for Android

Following the success of my Gnome Wallpaper Slideshow for Linux, this was one of my first Android projects. The beta was originally uploaded to the Market on October 28 2010. Today I am happy to announce the beta tag has been removed and version 1.0 of Android Wallpaper Slideshow is now available to download FREE from the Android Market.

Android Wallpaper Slideshow allows you to select a folder from your SD card that will be cycled through at a user defined interval. Pictures are scaled and cropped as needed to fill your screen in either portrait or landscape modes while preserving aspect ratio. Images are transitioned with a nice fade effect. You can optionally select to display the images in random order instead of file order. And you can select to rotate the images to match your screen orientation. Your SD card is automatically recursively scanned for all folders containing images from which you can choose from. Hidden folders, folders containing only an AlbumArt.jpg file and folders containing a .nomedia file will not be available for selection.

Wallpaper Slideshow on AppBrain

Wallpaper Slideshow is open source, visit the project page at

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  1. Pretty spiffy application. Nice choice for a demo wallpaper as well. =)